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iButton Hygrochron DS1923是一种完整的温湿度测试系统,它测量温度和湿度数据,并将结果记录在受保护的存储器单元中。它以用户定义的时间间隔记录温度数据,并将温湿度数据和温湿度随时间变化的曲线展现。



  1. 感知温度湿度、并将温湿度数据存储
  2. 记录等间隔时间变化的温度数据
  3. 通过软件可实现温度数据分析、温度曲线状态展现、数据导出EXCEL表。
  4. 通过软件可以对记录器进行记录任务设置、记录任务信息设置。

■测温范围: -20℃ to +85℃
■测量精度: ±0.5
■分 辨 率: 0.5℃或者0.0625°C可选
■测量精度: ±5%RH
■分 辨 率: ±0.5%RH
■存储点数: 8192点
■电池寿命: 详细请看电池使用寿命图
■破坏实验: 经过磨损测试。
  内置  温度传感器\ 可读写存储器 \ 时钟日历
        历史温度记录    内置锂电池.    光刻64位编码地址

DS1921G因为体积小, 需要适配器才能和计算机软件通信,进行数据读取、任务设置。读取器有多种如USB读取器DS9490R(需配合DS1402-RP8使用)、DS9490B、DS9097U需配合DS1402-RP8使用)等。
完整测温系统组成:DS1923   +  DS9490R(+DS1402)   +  软件





iButton Products

Part Number


Memory Type

Memory Size

Data Logger Type

Data Logger Size

Data Logger Sample Rate

Data Logger Accuracy

Data Logger Resolution

Data Logger Measuremt. Range


聚星注册总代Asset Management


512 Bytes


8192 Byte

聚星注册总代1s to 273hrs

聚星注册总代Correctible to ±0.5°C

Selectable 8-bit (0.5°C) or 11-bit (0.0625°C)

-20°C to +85°C

Temperature Data Logging


聚星注册总代0 to 100%RH


iButton DS1921G - Thermochron® iButton -40°C至+85°C
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iButton DS1921H - 高分辨率Thermochron - (体温范围)
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iButton DS1922E - 8KB记录存储器,带有15C至140C温度范围
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iButton DS1922L - 8KB记录存储器,带有-40°C至+85°C温度范围
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iButton DS1922T - 8KB记录存储器,带有0°C至125°C温度范围
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iButton DS1925 - 大容量记录存储器,带有-40°C至+85°C温度范围 概述 快速浏览
iButton DS1923 - 温度及湿度记录仪:0至100% RH和-20°C至+85°C
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DS1402D-DR8 1-Wire Network Cables
DS1921G Thermochron iButton Device
DS1921H High-Resolution Thermochron iButton Devices
DS1921Z High-Resolution Thermochron iButton Devices
DS1922E iButton High-Temperature Logger with 8KB Data-Log Memory
DS1922L iButton Temperature Loggers with 8KB Data-Log Memory
DS1922T iButton Temperature Loggers with 8KB Data-Log Memory
DS1923 iButton Hygrochron Temperature/Humidity Logger with 8KB Data-Log Memory
DS9097U-S09 Universal 1-Wire COM Port Adapter

DS1923 iButton Hygrochron Temperature/Humidity Logger with 8KB Data-Log Memory

Humidity and Temperature Data-Logger Monitors Perishables Anywhere


聚星注册总代The iButton® temperature/humidity logger (DS1923) is a rugged, self-sufficient system that measures temperature and/or humidity and records the result in a protected memory section. The recording is done at a user-defined rate. A total of 8192 8-bit readings or 4096 16-bit readings taken at equidistant intervals ranging from 1s to 273hrs can be stored. In addition to this, there are 512 bytes of SRAM for storing application-specific information and 64 bytes for calibration data. A mission to collect data can be programmed to begin immediately, or after a user-defined delay or after a temperature alarm. Access to the memory and control functions can be password-protected. The DS1923 is configured and communicates with a host-computing device through the serial 1-Wire® protocol, which requires only a single data lead and a ground return. Every DS1923 is factory-lasered with a guaranteed unique 64-bit registration number that allows for absolute traceability. The durable stainless-steel package is highly resistant to environmental hazards such as dirt, moisture, and shock. Accessories permit the DS1923 to be mounted on almost any object, including containers, pallets and bags.

Key Features

  • High Accuracy, Full-Featured Digital Temperature and Humidity Logger Simplifies Temperature Data Collection and Dissemination of Electronic Temperature Record
    • Digital Hygrometer Measures Humidity with 8-Bit (0.6%RH) or 12-Bit (0.04%RH) Resolution
    • Temperature Accuracy Better Than ±0.5°C from -10°C to +65°C with Software Correction
    • Measures Temperature with 8-Bit (0.5°C) or 11-Bit (0.0625°C) Resolution
    • Operating Range: -20°C to +85°C; 0 to 100% RH (see Safe Operating Range Graph)
    • Automatically Wakes Up, Measures Temperature and/or Humidity, and Stores Values in 8kB of Data-Log Memory in 8-Bit or 16-Bit Format
    • Built-In Capacitive Polymer Humidity Sensor for Humidity Logging
    • Sampling Rate from 1s Up to 273hr
    • Programmable High and Low Trip Points for Temperature and Humidity Alarms
    • Programmable Recording Start Delay After Elapsed Time or Upon a Temperature Alarm Trip Point
    • 512 Bytes of General-Purpose Memory Plus 64 Bytes of Calibration Memory
    • Two-Level Password Protection of All Memory and Configuration Registers
    • Individually Calibrated in a NIST-Traceable Chamber
    • Calibration Coefficients for Temperature and Humidity Factory Programmed Into Nonvolatile (NV) Memory
  • Rugged Construction Survives Harsh Environments
    • Hydrophobic Filter Protects Sensor Against Dust, Dirt, Contaminants, and Water Droplets/ Condensation with IP56 Enclosure Rating
    • CE, FCC, and UL913 Certifications
  • Simple Serial Port Interfaces to Most Microcontrollers for Rapid Data Transfer
    • Communicates to Host with a Single Digital Signal Up to 15.4kbps at Standard Speed or Up to 125kbps in Overdrive Mode Using 1-Wire Protocol
    • Quick Access to Alarmed Devices Through 1-Wire Conditional Search Function


  • Environmental Studies/Monitoring
  • Temperature and Humidity Logging in Food Preparation and Processing
  • Transportation of Temperature- and Humidity-Sensitive Goods, Industrial Production
  • Warehouse Monitoring